Ruth Drouillard Bio

Ruth Drouillard came in this world in a lovely family and grew up in Jacmel city. She always says that being part of Eglise Baptiste Stricte Tabernacle de Jacmel was such a blessing in her life because the teachings she had from the elders helped her build her faith in the Almighty God and the instructions she received from her coaches and maestros definitely strengthened the artistic part of her personality.


While she was having this wonderful childhood, she had to face a sad reality at 14 years old, a devastating cancer struck her mother away at 43 years old . As she was a witness of her sufferings with this disease, she decided that later she must involve in a health field career to help others. In the meantime, she continued her commitment to her church and actively took part in many groups. She was the president of the small youth group of the church, she was the compositor and the vocal lead singer of another group of the church, etc…


From Centre Alcibiade Pommayrac, where she had primary and secondary classes, she obtained a scholarship sponsored by the French Government and she went to France where she graduated with a masters degree in Pharmacology. She then started her career in Pharmaceutical Industry. In parallel, she continued to have a very active social and christian life. She had been for years the secretary of a humanitarian association at Strasbourg (France) and she was the teacher of Sunday School at her church in that city.


She married her childhood classmate and the family left France to establish themselves in Canada where she is continuing her career in the Pharmaceutical Industry. God also bless the family with two wonderful kids (one girl and one boy) and being a mom, makes her even more aware on the importance to keep the children connected with God’s word. She is once again engaged as Sunday School teacher, as singer in the Worship Team in her actual church in Montreal.


Ruth is more than ever convinced that Eglise Tabernacle de Jacmel prepared her for all these responsibilities. As board member of the AETJ Inc., she is committed to give back to her country, community and to Eglise Tabernacle de Jacmel what they first gave her. For as long as God allows it, Ruth will do her best to decrease the number of people to experience the pain and suffer that both her mother and her have experienced before she went to heaven.