Jean Claude Zidor Bio

Jean Claude Zidor grew up in the beautiful city of Jacmel located in the southeast of Haiti. He is married to his elementary school sweetheart, Dania. They have one beautiful seven year-old daughter, Christiania (affectively known as Taya).


Graduated from Strayer University with a bachelor degree in business administration, Jean Claude is a Christian man of character who has demonstrated strong leadership skills throughout his life as young leader of several religious, socio-cultural youth groups in Jacmel.


With God's grace, he has served his native country of Haiti as a law enforcement agent leading the advance team of the prestigious Presidential Security Unit (PSU) in Haiti.


He believes in family, and in 2006, he moved with his wife to the United States where they continue to serve their people of Jacmel through AETJ Inc. Jean Claude has been chosen by his peers to be the President and Chief Operations Officer of AETJ Inc., a newly created non-profit organization. Jean Claude currently works as a trusted resource for one of the leading organization in the theme parks industry in the state of Florida.