It Really Does Make a Difference

This was the third summer that Association des Enfants du Taberancle de Jacmel (A.E.T.J Inc.) collaborated alongside Global Community Church (GCC) and other supporters, to positively impact lives, in Jacmel, Haiti. The continual deepening of these relationships and the expanding of this partnership make more and more of a difference each year. With each opportunity we work together to show the love of Jesus while meeting practical needs.


Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and volunteers provided hope, dignity, medical advice, and medicine free of charge to 1029 people this year in remote villages such as: Kafou Pengwen, Marigot, and Lavoute. Another health fair/clinic day provided an opportunity to reconnect the new generation of Jacmelians with the pastor and renown physician, Abel Gousse, at his former residence/clinic commonly known as Siloe, in Jacmel.


317 children participated in a 2-week program (summer Camp) addressing their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs through teaching, activities, artisan classes, music and dance, games, and food.


Two additional community events brought in hundreds of men, women, and children. The first was a presentation and discussion around the topic of “sexual abuse and exploitation of our youth/children,” by Reverend Dieucin Marcelin and legal expert Nathanael Lerine. Adults responded positively with a commitment and plan to take an active role in providing safety and training to young people and the children were given practical ways to find help if they, or someone they know, is hurt in this way. Church and community leaders were encouraged to talk about these topics that once were taboo in our society, more often with their respective congregations. The second community event was an evening of music and dance, a wonderful celebration of the men, women, and children of Jacmel, the Haitian culture, and the partnership between participants that share the idea that we have all received the call to go and reach out.


Through the week of varied activities and conversations, more than 24 people committed their lives to Jesus Christ or re-committed to a deeper walk with Him.


It is very important to know that it makes a huge difference when hundreds of people in Haiti, the USA, and Canada come together to invest personal time and money to care for the body, the soul, and the mind of under-served communities in Jacmel, Haiti. For some, their participation is in response to the Great Commission and for others it comes from a desire to give back to the community that made them who they are today. Thus, through the activities and services both the volunteers and the participants are reminded of their dignity, their need for a Savior, the love and hope of Jesus, and the beauty of His family.


This ongoing partnership is sustainable and will continue to grow in scope and depth. It really does make a difference and it is an honor and privilege to count among the supporters of this great work in progress in Jacmel, Haiti: Global Community Church of Tampa led by pastor Joseph “Joe” Germain, College Baptiste de Fermathe (CBF) ran by pastor Joubert Saint Juste, Mission Baptiste Tabernacle de Jacmel headed by pastor Dieucin Marcelin, Lolo’s family, as well as the valiant AETJ Haiti team managed by our hardworking brother Isaac Saint Louis.


Even though some small programs continue throughout the year, the next annual Summer Camp program will start on July 17, 2017 and the next team will travel to Jacmel, Haiti from July 22 to 30, 2017. Registration is now open for those willing to go to Haiti with us to participate in the 2017 program. Please click on this link to contact us for more information or to register: